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Why destroy your home?

If someone told you that you could go back 10 years to invest in Facebook or Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, knowing what you know now about these companies, would you make that call?  OF COURSE!!!  Who wouldn't make a guaranteed investment that would make a huge payoff 10 years from now?

What if I told you that I can provide you with an investment that I GUARANTEE will come with a huge payoff as well?

Do you want to hear how?

The plumbing, heating, and cooling market is on the cusp of being revolutionized with technology. One of the coolest, and one of my personal favorite pieces of this technology are water sensors. But not just because these devices can sense a leak, but because they can act on it! A small investment into your home plumbing system, will pay huge dividends! Almost every single water heater we've ever replaced, was done so because the old one was leaking. If yours were to leak right now, what could it damage? How much would it cost to fix? It could destroy rugs, sub floors, walls, furniture,  all while creating a perfect breeding ground for mold! But if you had a LeakSmart, it would detect the leak and shut the water off to prevent from major catastrophe.

The LeakSmart system has the ability to connect with Nest, Wink, and others, giving it the ability to do more. It can shut the water off to your house, whenever it detects a leak. Sending you a notification so you're immediately aware of the issue. You can also use the LeakSmart app to turn the water to your home on or off, so the next time you go on vacation and forget to close the main water valve, you can do it as soon as you remember.

This is just one of the many products that can save you $$$ while bringing your plumbing system into the 21st century. Call us now to have one of our trained technicians come and evaluate where you need one, and when you would like it installed!!!